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Course Faculty Date Time Get ID
Python Mr.Srinivas Rao 18+Yrs Exp 2024-05-08 7:30 PM Register
Full Stack Web Development Mr. Srinivas Rao 18+Yrs Exp 2024-05-08 10:00 AM Register
Advanced Excel Mr. Ravi Kumar 13+Yrs Exp 2024-05-08 8:00 AM Register
Salesforce CRM - 2024-05-09 05:00 PM Register
Python Mr.Srinivas Rao 35+Yrs Exp 2024-05-08 12:00 PM Register
Data Science Mr. Naveen 8+ Yrs 2024-05-08 09:00 AM Register
SQL Mr.Ravi Kumar 13+Yrs Exp 2024-05-08 11:00 AM Register
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