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Automation Anywhere

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Automation Anywhere is an application that allows companies to automate the process. Also, it is being organized by the humans. The automation anywhere software is for Robotic process automation. Automation Anywhere is one of the best RPA tools. RPA will increase the quality of the products or services. It solves the human mistakes and saves the time. Many organization used RPA for communication, data manipulation and customer management. This is heavily demanded in current IT industries. Attend Automation Anywhere Online Training Demo by Expert.

Course Content

Automation Anywhere

  • Automation Anywhere Architecture
  • Components of AA
  • What is control Room
  • Different Types of Users
  • Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  • Software Requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Task Bot
  • Meta Bot
  • Navigation Menus
  • Task pane
  • Repository/Reports/Triggers/Schedules/Workflows
  • Recording Modes
  • Types of Variables
  • Commands
  • Recording a Task
  • Running a Task
  • Task Creation
  • Task Editor Features
  • Actions List
  • Excel Command
  • Variable Operation Command
  • PDF integration Command
  • IF/ELSE Command
  • Database Command
  • Email Automation Command
  • File and Folder commands
  • Error Handling Command
  • PGP command
  • Web Service Implementation
  • Metabot Overview
  • Metabot Creation
  • Understanding Metabot Designer
  • Sample Examples


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