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This ASP.NET training class teaches experienced developers the C#.NET/VB.NET, ADO.NET skills they need to successfully build database-driven Web applications and Web Sites. It will guide how to build web-based enterprise applications using ASP.NET and Visual Studio. It will also give the comfort to the attendees developing the Web Services using .Net framework in Service-oriented Architectures.

Course Content


  • Page life cycle Architecture
  • How web controls processed at server side
  • Page events
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Classic ASP (vs) ASP.NET
  • Cross-page submission (vs) ASP.NET Postback Creating ASP.NET Web Site and Web Forms
  • Programming Model of Web Forms
  • Need of web.cofig
  • Request, Response
  • Intro to ASP.NET Web Controls
  • Standard Web Controls
    • Post back
    • Generating controls dynamically
    • Validation Controls
  • GridView indepth DataList Repeater FormView DetailsView SqlDataSource
  • Session Application Data Cache Query String View State State-less (vs) State-full Response.Redict (vs) Server.Transfer Session state modes
  • Web.SiteMap
  • Menu, Tree View, Site Map Path
  • Creating master pages and content pages
  • Working with Content Place Holders
  • Creating themes
  • Creating .css and .skin files
  • Applying themes dynamically
  • Creating Web User controls
  • Invoking web user controls statically and dynamically
  • IIS Architecture
  • Installing and configuring IIS
  • Creating IIS Application
  • Deploying Web Sites into Local IIS
  • Class Introduction to Global.asax
  • Events of HttpApplication Class
  • Web.config Locations
  • About Configuration, Tracing, CustomErrors
  • Page life cycle Architecture
  • How web controls processed at server side
  • Page events
  • Output Caching
  • Fragment Caching
  • Substitution Caching
  • Data Caching
  • Caching Expire Policies of Data Cache
  • Forms based authentication
  • Windows based authentication
  • Overview of Open authentication
  • Globalization (vs) Localization
  • Creating Global resources
  • Applying culture dynamically
  • Script Manager, Update Panel
  • Update Progress, Timer
  • How to download and import
  • Toolkit Script Manager
  • Important AJAX Toolkit Controls
  • Creating and consuming Web Services
  • Need of XML, WSDL, SOAP in Web Services
  • Web Services (vs) WCF
  • Creating and consuming Simple WCF Services
  • Deploying WCF Services in Local IIS
  • Self Hosting Application
  • Contracts
    • Service Contract
    • Operation Contract
    • Data Contract


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