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XML Web Services

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XML abbreviation is Extensible Mark up Language. It is the interchange between the applications and organizations.Here we can learn about the Xml and related technologies Xpath and Xquery and DOM.

Course Content

XML Web Services

  • XML Syntax
  • What is a well-formed XML document?
  • What is an XML Element?
  • What are the XML Naming Rules?
  • What are the Best Naming Practices?
  • XML Attributes
  • How to view XML files?
  • How to develop an XML document?
  • How to check the well-formedness of XML document?
  • How to validate XML document?
  • What is an XML parser? What are its functions?
  • What is DTD?
  • What are the constituents of DTD file? (Contains)
  • DTD – Elements
  • What is cardinality operator in DTD?
  • DTD – Attributes
  • DTD – Entities
  • How to associate a DTD with XML?
  • What do you know about SYSTEM keyword in DOCTYPE declaration?
  • What are the limitations of DTD?
  • What is an XSD?
  • What XSD defines?
  • Compare and contrast DTDs and XSDs?
  • Data Types
  • XSD Restrictions/Facets
  • Non atomic Types
  • Complex Types
  • Empty Elements
  • Indicators
  • Order indicators
  • Occurrence indicators:
  • Group indicators
  • Annotating XML Schemas
  • XML Namespaces
  • Refer a Schema in an XML Document
  • Import/include Schemas
  • Web Services Introduction
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Web Services Development Parameters
  • Communication in distribute technology
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Soap UI
  • TCP IP Monitor
  • JAX-RPC, JAX-RPC-SI web service development
  • JAX-RPC, Axis Web service development
  • JAX-RPC Handlers
  • JAX-WS
  • JAX-WS, Metro Web service development
  • JAX-WS, Axis2 Web service development
  • JAX-RS
  • JAX-RS, Jersey Web service development
  • JAX-RS, REST Easy Web service development


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