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Machine Learning
using Python & R

By: Professor

Form this Machine Learning with Python Online Training you will able to learn all the Concepts of R ProgrammiMachine Learning with Python course with real-time scenarios, live examples by real-time professionals

Course Content

Machine Learning
using Python & R

  • Various machine learning algorithms in Python
  • Apply machine learning algorithms in Python
  • How to select the right data
  • Which are the best features to use
  • Additional feature selection techniques
  • A feature selection case study
  • Preprocessing Introduction
  • Preprocessing Scaling Techniques
  • How to preprocess your data
  • How to scale your data
  • Feature Scaling Final Project
  • Various phases of Data Cleaning
  • Functions used in Inspection
  • Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Uses of functions involved
  • Use-cases for Data Cleaning using R
  • Highly efficient machine learning algorithms
  • Bagging Decision Trees
  • The power of ensembles
  • Random Forest Ensemble technique
  • Boosting – Adaboost
  • Boosting ensemble stochastic gradient boosting
  • A final ensemble technique
  • Introduction Model Tuning
  • Parameter Tuning GridSearchCV
  • A second method to tune your algorithm
  • How to automate machine learning
  • Which ML algo should you choose
  • How to compare machine learning algorithms in practice
  • Neural Networks introduction
  • What is deep learning
  • What is one hot encoding
  • How to implement one hot encoding
  • How to handle missing values
  • How to impute missing values
  • Introducing the MNIST dataset
  • Programming a neural network in tensorflow
  • Programming a neural network – multilayer perceptron in tensorflow
  • Introduction to keras – a convient way to code neural networks
  • What is a convolutional neural network
  • How does a cnn work
  • Creating a convolutional neural network from scratch
  • What are RNNs – Introduction to RNNs
  • Recurrent Neural Networks rnn in python
  • LSTMs for beginners – understanding LSTMs
  • long short term memory neural networks lstm in python


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